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Private Equity & Investment Funds

We have undertaken nearly 1,000 of investment and financing transactions. We have provided whole-journey legal services for a range of domestic and foreign top-tier venture capital funds and private equity funds regarding a variety of investment and financing projects, which cover one-stop legal services from funds formation and funding, private equity investment and financing, acquisition, listing and exit as well as investment dispute resolution. We provide various legal service products for a range of entities such as private fund managers, private fund investors, financing firms and start-ups.


We have in-depth understanding and knowledge of investment structures and business arrangements in investment and financing transactions. No matter of onshore/offshore trading structure, or unlisted/listed company investment, we have practically handled various types of trading structures and business arrangements, familiar with every crucial and complex process involved. Furthermore, we have gained extensive understandings of various sectors and industries such as technology, media and telecom (TMT), education, healthcare, financial services and mass consumption, and maintained a close contact and smooth, effective communications with regulators.


We master every step through the whole process of investment and financing transactions. From contract negotiation, signing to the final delivery, and from list of terms to trading conditions and to delivery files, we are familiar with every process of venture capital and private equity investment and financing transactions, allowing us to complete every transaction in a better and efficient manner. On the basis of a deep understanding of investment funds and venture capital, we can effectively provide clients with tailor-made and creative solutions while providing regular solutions. 


We are proficient in every article of investment and financing transaction documents. We have deep understanding and knowledge of the operation mechanism and adaptability in different jurisdictions, among others, of every article in each transaction document, such as articles regarding representation and warranty, one-vote veto, anti-dilution, bet-on and repurchase, and liquidation. Adhering to the problem-solving oriented principle, we can provide the best legal service experience for our clients.

Private Equity

We have accumulated rich experience in USD denominated investment and RMB denominated investment fields, and have carried out in-depth and detailed researches on the establishment of red chip structure (including VIE structure) and USD fund direct investment structure. We have experience in helping clients carry out project due diligence, legal assessment and transaction execution in significant industries including financial services, internet, high technology, media, culture & entertainment, consumer goods, real estate, healthcare, franchises and manufacturing. 


We have not only rich experience in representing investors, but also have abundant case experience in representing financing firms and founders. With a deep understanding of the best legal practices and development trends of each investment term, we know how to strike the best and effective balance of interests in terms negotiation and realize all-win results. Vast practical experience and industrial background knowledge allow us to enhance value in every process of client investment cycle.

  • conduct legal due diligence on investment projects
  • design, participate in the discussion about and demonstration of project investment law structure, provide relevant legal consulting opinions, and draft investment transaction legal documents
  • participate in business negotiation with relevant parties of private equity investment (investor, project company or its shareholders)
  • assist on setting up offshore company structure, and the establishment of offshore company and offshore account set up
  • assist on Circular 37 filings of State Administration of Foreign Exchange, wholly foreign owned enterprises (WFOE) set-up, outward direct investment (ODI), pre-investment restructuring of the invested company (if applicable), and delivery of project investment
  • provide legal advises regarding to project investment (including but not limited to compliance, tax law advice)

We provide different strategic plans for clients, providing the accesses to exit mechanisms including M&A, listing and repurchase in changeable economic climate. We aim to enhance client's company value in order to meet the conditions of the final takeover or public offering. Regardless of H shares, red chip, or domestic A shares listing or even NEEQ listing, we are always oriented to client's demands. 


M&A service

  • assist or represent clients on legal and business negotiations
  • advise on and design domestic and overseas legal environment investigations, risk assessments, and provide trading plans and design services
  • provide tax administration consulting, tax cost optimization and tax dispute resolution (to help complete Circular 7 filings of State Taxation Administration)
  • Assist company or project on financing
  • conduct legal due diligence, issue due diligence reports, draft and review trading documents
  • issue legal opinions about authorization, approval procedures, client or regulators’ requirements to be fulfilled by the transaction
  • provide oral or written legal and regulation advises or opinions regarding company establishment, as well as change and management related to the transaction
  • help obtain approval from government departments; and
  • facilitate transaction execution and subsequent integration

Listing service

  • assist clients establish pre-listing restructuring and regulation plans in accordance with comprehensive due diligence
  • help clients structure the listing subject establishment, business and asset restructuring according to their basic information
  • help clients establish and complete management team or employees’ equity ownership and incentive plan according to their demands
  • review or help clients complete investment contribution of strategic investors as well as financial investors
  • help clients complete joint-stock company establishment, establish and improve organizational structure as well as various governance systems according to the listing plans
  • help clients establish operation standards in various aspects such as asset, business, historical development, internal governance, labor & social security, tax payment, environmental protection, quality supervision, taxes, arbitration and litigation
  • issue various legal documents including lawyers’ work report, legal opinion and attestation legal opinion after comprehensive verification according to requirements of reviewing authority
  • help clients complete supervisory review, verify subsequent events and issue relevant legal opinions; and
  • help clients complete listing at the exchange and issue listing legal opinions

Media's Evaluation

Global Law Office has a dedicated and growing team, highly proficient in representing funds, startups and entrepreneurs in venture capital and private equity matters. Sought after for its expertise in the healthcare, TMT and real estate sectors. Has experience advising on transactions with cross-border elements. Regularly instructed by leading tech companies as well as state-owned and private funds.

——Chambers-Greater China Region 2022


"Their service is quite practical and time-efficient," reports one satisfied client.

Another happy client describes the team as "professional and efficient.”

——Chambers-Greater China Region 2022


Investment fund

The GLO team has been the trailblazer and pioneer of legal services in private funds since their inception in the Chinese market.  We are recognized as a leading law firm in private fund business in China for providing creative solutions and solving complex issues capabilities.


We provide comprehensive and full-coverage legal services for clients in the formation, funding, management, investment and exit of private funds. The GLO team on behalf of fund managers participating in negotiations with various investors, which include mainstream institutional investors in the market. We complete fund investment on behalf of institutional investors that almost extends to excellent fund managers active in domestic private fund industry, and provides high-quality and efficient private fund manager registration, significant event change and private fund filing legal services for a range of private fund managers. Legal services regarding compliant operation, internal governance and team motivation of private fund management institutions also come as a business field with unique special advantages. Our services mainly include:


Private investment fund manager registration 

  • conduct legal due diligence on management companies, improve management companies internal control systems
  • issue legal opinion about management companies applying to register with the AMAC as private fund managers under the premise of complying with laws, regulations and provisions of regulators and the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC)

Private fund establishment 

  • design and demonstrate fund establishment plan as well as the legal structure
  • draft and modify legal documents during fund establishment, including but not limited to main terms, limited partnership agreements and management agreements
  • prepare fund raising and promotion documents, including preparing contents related to laws in the prospectus, drafting letters of subscription intention, confidentiality agreements
  • handle compliance matters of fund raising, mainly including drafting and helping review investor questionnaire, risk reminder, and complete investor eligibility inspection, qualified investor inspection, as well as anti-money investigation
  • participate in negotiation with potential investors as requested, help complete legal due diligence about potential investors
  • draft, review, modify legal documents related to relevant legal entity registration
  • handle matters related to filing with competent authorities by relevant funds
  • review, modify fund raising supervision agreements and custody agreements
  • other legal consulting services related to fund formation.

Fund internal governance and daily operation 

  • assist managers established in cooperation by multiple parties to design legal structures and internal governance structures, draft key legal documents such as articles of association and partnership agreements
  • help managers establish and improve internal management standards and compliance risk control systems
  • offer legal analysis comments and suggestions about compliance matters of fund investment operation
  • help draft legal documents related to manager and internal governance of managed fund, including documents of meetings of shareholders, the board of directors and fund partners
  • help managers complete daily compliance matters of the manager and managed fund according to applicable regulatory rules, including information filing, information disclosure, self-examination and regulatory inspection; and
  • design team motivation and restriction plans, legal structures, and establish relevant systems, draft relevant legal documents

We have established long-term and steady working relations with relevant legislative, judicial and administrative authorities and industry associations in China, allowing us to timely understand and get deep insight into the latest legislative, judicial and law enforcement developments in China, thus providing more timely and effective legal services for clients:

  • act as legal counsel to the China Association of Private Equity Rule-Making Committee, and help the CAPE draft private investment fund industry rules
  • act as legal counsel to the Beijing Private Equity Association (BPEA)

Media's Evaluation

Global Law Office has a respected team offering advice on fund-raising, fund investments and management. Also handles subsequent fund restructuring and exit deals. Its clientele includes domestic private firms, venture capital firms and asset management entities. Investment funds constitute an increasingly important component of the firm's overall strength in financial services.

——Chambers-Greater China Region 2022


The team is complimented by one pleased client for its "high efficiency and strong professionalism."

A second happy client commends the team for being "able to provide professional, high-quality overseas private equity legal services."

——Chambers-Greater China Region 2022



  • 2022, Nominated in China Law Awards - PE & VC Law Firm of the Year, LEGALBAND
  • 2020,2022, Private equity & Venture capital Law Firm of the Year, China Business Law Journal
  • 2017-2022, Nominated in several years in Private Equity Law Firm of the Year – China, Asian Legal Business
  • 2014-2016, Nominated in three consecutive years in M&A/Private Equity Law Firm of the Year, Asian Legal Business
  • 2021, Private Equity and Venture Capital Firm of the Year, LEGALBAND
  • 2015, the VC/PE PRC Law Firm of the Year, LEGALBAND
  • 2019, CVCRI·2019 China Venture Capital Award of the Year · Gold Investment Award—Best Private Equity Investment Intermediary Service Institution in China (Law Firm) TOP10, Venture Capital Research of China
  • 2017, Legal Advisers of Chinese Enterprises (VC/PE support) Listing on the New Third Board TOP10, Zero2IPO Group
  • 2016, Best Intermediary Service Institution of China PE/VC of the Year TOP10, China Association of Private Equity, Beijing Private Equity Association and Caixin Media Company Limited


  • 2022-2023, Recommended firm in Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment, Chambers and Partners Greater China Region
  • 2012-2021, Recommended firm in Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment, Chambers and Partners Asia Pacific
  • 2018-2023, Recommended firm in Private Equity/Venture Capital, The Legal 500 Asia Pacific
  • 2016-2022, Top-tier firm in Private Equity and Venture Capital, LEGALBAND
  • 2022, Top-tier firm in Venture capital, DAWKINS
  • 2022, Top-tier firm in Private Equity, DAWKINS
  • 2022-2023, Highly Recommended firm in Private equity, Asialaw Profiles
  • 2015-2021, Recommended firm in Private Equity, Asialaw Profiles
  • 2020-2023, Recommended firm in Private equity, IFLR1000
  • 2022-2023, Recommended firm in Private equity (Beijing & Shanghai), IFLR1000 China
  • 2004-2013, Highly Recommended firm in M&A/Private Equity, Asian Legal Business
Investment funds
  • 2022, Nominated in China Law Awards - Investment Funds Law Firm of the Year, LEGALBAND
  • 2022-2023, Recommended firm in Investment Fund, Chambers and Partners Greater China Region
  • 2013-2015, 2020-2021, Recommended firm in Investment Fund, Chambers and Partners Asia Pacific
  • 2021-2023, Recommended firm in Investment Funds, Asialaw Profiles
  • 2021-2023, Recommended firm in Investment Funds, IFLR1000
  • 2022-2023, Recommended firm in Investment funds (Beijing & Shanghai), IFLR1000 China
  • 2019-2023, Recommended firm in Investment Funds, The Legal 500 Asia Pacific
  • 2022, Top-tier firm in Investment Funds, LEGALBAND
  • 2017-2021, Recommended firm in Investment Funds, LEGALBAND
  • 2022, Recommended firm in Fund establishment & compliance, DAWKINS