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At GLO, we believe that clients select us for our experience, our record and our technical excellence. And then they choose to stay with us because they enjoy working with our people.

First and foremost, of course, we always aim only to employ the best lawyers. In addition, we believe personality is just as important as professional excellence and experience; naturally, factors like professional ambition and energy are vital. But so are less obvious attributes, such as openness, modesty and above all a caring approach to responsibilities and clients.

One of our main differences is our understanding of the supreme value of positive human relationships, both internally and with our clients.  And that is why our culture is based upon values like mutual respect and unity, creating a positive and actively enjoyable working environment in which shared goals, fairness and empathy are utterly fundamental.

It’s an approach that encourages original thinking and ensures that individual personalities never get in the way of reaching the decisions that are best for every client.

Above all, it focuses the boundless energy and ambition of all our people on to those collective objectives and achievements that reflect the strong contribution of everybody involved.  Our focus on innovation, respect and unity, and harmony complements our sharp commercial nature.

If you would like to join us, please send your resumes to: