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Practice Areas

Henry Hou's main practice areas are international banking and financing, cross-border investment and mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, fund investment, and cross-board dispute resolution.


In the field of international banking and financing, Henry Hou provides professional legal services for many Chinese and foreign banks in connection with export credit, project financing, M&A loans, syndicated loans, trade financing and general banking services. The clients that have been served and are serving include Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Ping’an Bank, and ABN AMRO, etc. Representative projects include “a well-known domestic bank providing a export credit loan with an approximate amount of US$150 million to a well-known domestic telecom operator for its export of telecommunications products to Mexico,” and “Ping’an Bank (Shenzhen branch) providing cross-border commercial loan with an approximate amount of US$200 millions in relation to a commercial real estate project located in California developed by the US subsidiary of a large domestic real estate group,” etc.


In the field of cross-border investment and M&A, Henry Hou, as the leading counsel, provides legal services for many multinational companies, overseas listed companies as well as large state-owned enterprises, domestic listed companies and private enterprises in connection with their domestic greenfield investment and M&A projects, and overseas investment projects in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and many other countries and regions.


In the field of private equity investment and fund investment, Henry Hou provides professional legal services for a number of domestic and foreign companies (such as “Japan Zhonghe Products Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong asset management companies ) in connection with their establishment of QFLP and QDIE in Shenzhen.”


Henry Hou also provides legal services on the cross-border dispute resolution related to the contract disputes and product quality.

Work Experience

Henry Hou joins Global Law Office in July 2021, and previously worked with domestic leading law firms (Shenzhen branch) for more than 13 years.


2020-             MBA in Finance, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2002-2006     Bachelor of law, at Fudan University

Associations and Memberships

Member of the Leading Talent Pool of Foreign-related Lawyers in Guangdong Province

Member of the Foreign-related Legal Professional Committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association

Member of the Law and Policy Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China