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GLO articipates in the First Annual Symposium of China Institute of International Antitrust and Investment as Sponsor

The first antitrust symposium of China Institute of International Antitrust and Investment (CIIAI) was successfully held on 21-22 March, 2013, in the Friendship Hotel in Beijing.  Our firm participated in this annual symposium as member of CIIAI and sponsor of the forum.


The theme of this symposium was “The first five years of AML: present and perspective”.  The guests were antitrust officials, business managers, scholars and professionals from law firms and economic consulting firms. Mr. Min SHANG, the director of Anti-Monopoly Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, PRC and Mr. Jin HUANG, the president of the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), hosted the opening ceremony. Several seminars were held in this symposium. The relative issues were as follows: analysis of relevant markets, practical guidelines for acquiring administrative licensing during mergers and acquisition, under what circumstances a company will be involved in illegal Cartels and how to avoid it, the enforcement policy of Cartels in China, EU and US, how to determine whether a company has got the dominant position and performed abuse of its dominant position, key issues regarding antitrust for Chinese companies in US, EU, Brazil, India, etc. Afterwards, the antitrust officials from Ministry of Commerce, PRC,National Development and Reform Commission,PRC, and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce,PRC, shared their opinions with companies and lawyers at a roundtable.


Huanzhong CHEN, attorney from our Beijing office and vice Chairman of the Antimonopoly Law Committee of All China Lawyer’s Association (ACLA), made a speech of “Abusing of Dominant Market Position and Administrative Monopoly in China Market”. The speech discussed issues as follows: determination, presumption and defense regarding market dominant position, types, illustration and consequence of abuse of market dominant position, administrative monopoly and SOE monopoly, etc. Besides, Huawei LIN, Hai HUANG, Frank HANG and May SHEN, the attorneys from our Beijing and Shanghai offices, participated in this symposium and developed good connections with the guests.