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Meph Jia Gui Speaks on 5th Advanced China IP Counsel Forum

Meph Jia Gui was invited to attend the 5th Advanced China IP Counsel Forum held by American Conference Institution in April 2013 in Shanghai, and delivered a speech of “Invention Remuneration: How Companies Are Upgrading their Remuneration Practice and Managing Related Risks and Administrative Burden”. This conference is an advanced IP forum held by the American Conference Institution for China IP experts. The guests attending the forum include a judge from the Supreme Court of China, chief IP counsel from Fortune Global 500 companies, and experienced IP lawyers from leading domestic and international law firms. The main theme of the forum is “Re-Assessing Corporate IP Strategies in an Evolving Litigation and Enforcement Environment”. The discussed topics involve the impact of the 4th Patent Law Amendment, how to strengthen company invention remuneration policy, how to adjust company strategies under the 5th Anti -Trust Law Guideline, trade secret litigation, etc.