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Representing an international transportation company in defending a court action in respect of loss of cargo on land after carriage by air

An international transportation company conducted air transportation of a cargo of mobile phones consigned by a shipper from Beijing to Hong Kong airport. After the cargo arrived at Hong Kong and taken away from the airport, part of the cargo was stolen by some unknown persons during the period of land haulage. The cargo interests commenced a court action against the international transportation company for the loss. Lawyers Mr. Gao Yifeng and Mr. Jiang Jingye at Global Law Office are representing the transportation company in defending the case before the court. The case involves an issue of determination of the responsibility period of the air carrier. Few cases had been seen in the past with this feature in the air transportation sectors and thus it aroused interest among the air transportation circles. The case was decided by the first instance court in favor of our defending position and the claim was dismissed by the court. The cargo interests then filed appeal. The appeal proceedings are now under way.