GLO was awarded 2018 Client Service Award of Chambers & Partners

The Chambers Asia-Pacific Awards took place on Thursday, 1st February 2018 at Eaton House, Central, Hong Kong. GLO was awarded 2018 Client Service Award of Chambers & Partners in the ceremony.


As an internationally authoritative third-party legal media, Chambers is committed to providing accurate third-party market guidance to both corporate and individual clients, who are in need of professional legal service, through in-depth studies of law firms and lawyers in various jurisdictions. The winning results were produced based on the comprehensive assessment of Asia Pacific law firms and in-depth interviews with thousands of clients.


It is well to be reminded that, this is the second time that Client Service Award was set up in China since Chambers first-time established this award in China in 2012. But GLO successfully won this award for the two times.


Global Law Office wins impressive client appraisals for its efficient communication and ease of contact. As one particularly happy source explains, "They put a lot of resources and lawyers into the matter. Their communication and way of handling things is very effective and smooth. You don’t need to repeat yourself and you can say one thing to one lawyer, and the rest is synchronised."


Clients also attest to its familiarity with recent legal developments and its problem-solving approach, noting that "they are at the forefront of the market" and "they are able to solve tricky problems; their strength is having strong professional skills and ability in mobilising resources." Clients also single out the firm’s credentials in the areas of banking, capital markets and healthcare.


Adhering to the "integrity-based" service concept, GLO will constantly provide our clients with first-class legal services.


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